Samantha Daniels

"I have been struggling with weight loss since having my Kids, who are 9 and 5...Since being introduced to Zumba by my friends I haven't looked back.  I attend classes 2 to 3 times a week and thoroughly enjoy every minute.  Thanks to the unique style of Teresa's teaching you don't have to take yourself too seriously and any ability or fitness level can take part.  All of my body has benefited and my shape has changed, I now have a waist and my legs are getting trimmer every week. 

I thoroughly enjoy every Zumba class and can never believe it when the hour is up.  I am the happiest I have ever been and have loads of energy to do things with my family.  Zumba helped myself and 2 friends to train for the Moon Walk 2011 in London, walking 26 miles through the night raising money for breast cancer causes. I recently went abroad and could wear any clothes I wanted and I haven't been able to do that now for 10 years. 

Being fit and healthy has changed my mind set and I even find myself turning down food I would normally have scoffed down. This is all thanks to Teresa and her Zumba classes and I would recommend you give it a try.  Don't be put off by the routines in your first class and give it another chance and you will soon be part of the Zumba family that I am so glad to be part of."

Sam before Zumba® Classes

Sam after Zumba® classes

Anna Shelton

"Just gotta say how much I love your zumba classes. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious and I was instantly hooked. Over the 9 months I have been doing the classes I've lost 32lbs. My body shape has been transformed and I am more toned. I feel fantastic and have had to go out and buy a smaller jeans size, because I just couldn't keep my old pair up!

Best of all I've kept it off and have to pass on my enthisiasm with everyone I meet. Thanks for running so many classes in our area."

Anna before Zumba® classes

Anna after Zumba® classes


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