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Add some Zumba® fun to your wedding...

Getting married is one of the most important occasions in anyone's life and as such, the wedding day is planned with great care and attention to every detail. That is at least until the evening reception - once the speeches are over and the dining tables are cleared, all too often the celebrations seem to descend into a bit of a 'free for all'...

...you know the scene - the DJ playing to a half empty dance floor, kids running around like wild banshees, friends and relatives huddled around the bar in little groups, watching and waiting for someone else to get the party started.  

Why not add some Zumba® fun to your wedding - I'll choreograph you a personal Zumba® routine to spice up your wedding party and surprise your wedding guests. I'll soon have you all up and moving to the sound of the latin beats. Mums, dads, brothers and sisters, friends, cousins, aunties and uncles, literally everyone can join in. I guarantee to really get your party going...!

If your interested in Zumba® for your wedding or any other special event, contact me and we'll have a chat.

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