About Zumba®

Zumba® has taken the fitness world by storm. Let's face it, getting fit has always been healthy, rewarding and highly beneficial, but it's never been the most exciting and exhilerating experience - at least until now!

What makes Zumba® different is the way it combines vibrant, energetic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow steps to create a fitness program that is both structured and co-ordinated, but as exciting and enjoyable as a dance party - now you can burn off those calories and have fun at the same time!

Where did Zumba® come from?

Like many great discoveries, Zumba® was stumbled upon by accident when fitness trainer "Beto" Perez was teaching an aerobics class in his native Colombia. Realising he'd forgotten his aerobics music, he improvised with some of his own favourite Latin salsa and merengue music. The result was such a hit that this new approach soon evolved into the most popular class in his fitness facility and the Zumba® Fitness-Party™ was born...

Zumba® is now being taught to over 14 million people at over 140,000 locations in 185 countries, so why not contact me, book on a class and give Zumba® a try now...

Zumba® Evolution

Zumba® are always looking at ways to incorporate, evolve and innovate, while remaining true to our foundation of providing programs and classes that contain the magic that is Zumba® Fitness. With that goal always in mind, Zumba® has grown and diversified; as well as the original Zumba® Fitness dance party classes, Zumba® Step and Zumba®Toning classes are also now available...

Zumba® Step

Zumba® Step classes combine choreographed Zumba® Step Dance moves, Zumba® Step Fitness moves and Zumba® Step Fundamental moves with all the fitness-party fun at the core of the Zumba® philosophy, delivering a fresh and exciting perspective on a step class.

As well as giving you a full fitness workout, Zumba® Step targets toning and strengthening of the legs and bum.

Zumba® Toning

Zumba® Toning classes are focused on body sculpting, using lightweight maraca-like toning sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all the target zones, including arms, abs and thighs.

Of course, all this comes in true Zumba® fitness-party style - it's a rockin' party to get a rock-hard body!  

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